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Australian Sandalwood Natural Incense + Wooden Pine Holder Set


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Breathe new self-care rituals within your home! This TheraBox custom-designed Australian Sandalwood Natural Incense is a set of calming and relaxing incense with a simple wooden pine holder that can make your daytime and nighttime rituals feel like a dream. A mood-enhancing delight for the senses, sandalwood has been known to calm the mind and body as well as putting you in a meditative state where you can find inner peace. Perfect when you need to recharge, feel grounded, or when you want a sense of calm in your private space. As you breathe in its warm and earthy fragrance, let your mind flow with the scent. Feel the relaxing, soothing scent diffuse through the air while you’re meditating or line your thoughts with a mix of floral, rich, balsamic, soft, and sweet accents while you’re just doing your simple, everyday tasks! TIP: To turn up the feel-good vibe, burn the Sandalwood incense during a full moon. This practice will also enhance spiritual vibrations within your home.

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