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TheraBox is the #1 Monthly Self-Care Subscription Box!

TheraBox aims to inspire happier lives through practical joy boosting activities & thoughtful self care products! We believe self care = self love  ♥ 


- Self care made easy. Discover up to 8 full sized therapist curated products to inspire more self-love & relaxation with our monthly wellness box

- Expect mindful activities, journals, essential oils, aromatherapy, clean beauty skincare, bath and body care products + relaxing wellness/inspirational goodies

- Themes & products change monthly so you're always in for a delightful surprise

- Up to $195+ retail value in every TheraBox for as low as $34.99+ per box when you subscribe!

- Hassle free cancellations! Cancel/skip a box anytime through your account portal



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- How Our Monthly Gift Box Works -

Step 1

Subscribe to happiness! 1, 3, 6, or 12 month plans available from $34.99+. Save more on multiple month subscriptions & cancel anytime! Up to $195+ worth of items in each box

Step 2

1 happiness boosting activity + 6 to 8 full size self care wellness goodies including aromatherapy, natural/organic beauty, & unique lifestyle products!

Step 3

Get excited & unbox happiness right at your doorstep! We ship TheraBox between the 24th-29th of each month & also have one-time items from The Happy Shoppe that ship immediately!

S E L F - C A R E , D E L I V E R E D ♥
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✨ Don't miss our upcoming "Escapade" box with over $210+ worth of self-care goodies to pamper yourself at $34.99! ✨ Very limited quantities left. 

 🎁 Reserve now and your box will ship between July 24th to 29th 🎁  

Past boxes have frequently sold out, be sure to reserve early! 

Hear from over 3000+ Happy Reviews!

  • Kate Bartlein
    “ This box is pure magic. I love the combination of cute, fun items that make me smile and the practical activities and guides to help better myself. It is like therapy in a box, and it has provided fun and opportunities for self growth in equal amounts"
  • Christina Polovich
    “ Such a unique subscription box packed full of inspiring products and uplifting materials. I'm hooked."
  • Amy Kimbrell Fratkin
    “ I just received my first TheraBox a couple of weeks ago as a birthday gift from my super thoughtful SIL, who knows how stressful my life is balancing a full-time job and raising two small children. I have thoroughly enjoyed sitting down with a hot cup of coffee in my “Good Meowning Beautiful” mug, burning my Om It candle and witting down my Weekly Intentions. This is a relaxing way for me to ease into my hectic week while reflecting on the positive things going on around me. TheraBox is probably one of the most exciting gifts that I have received and I am looking forward to the next one arriving in my mailbox."
  • Christinee Fettuccine
    “This is by far the best subscription box I've gotten! It feels like a self-investment every month! All the goodies are super luxurious and are items that I would not necessarily buy myself alone because I'd feel bad spending the money on "splurge" things but THIS is such great bang for your buck! SO SO happy I signed up for this!”
  • Nicole Theresa
    “When I came across this box, I couldn't believe I wasn't already signed up! It is seriously everything I've wanted and more. I'm usually more of the make up bag type but this completely caught my eye! I was so happy with the products I received in my first box I can't wait to get my next. If anyone is considering trying this box, I HIGHLY recommend Therabox :) Thank you for everything!! On my way to stress free living."
  • Rachel Lynn
    “ I was so excited to find Therabox. I love the monthly themes and how each box includes a therapeutic activity. I am a therapist as well and there are numerous studies showing how mindfulness, self-care and self-compassion can combat the effects of compassion fatigue among healthcare professionals and caregivers. It’s so important to recharge your own batteries so you have something to give to others. I look forward to the next box!"
  • Heather McLemore
    “ I loooooove Therabox! The items that come in the box are so special and cute. They are things that I love but would never purchase for myself. The items are always a mix of beauty products, self-love and care products, a really cute item and just other things that coordinate with that month's theme. I've purchased this box for friends to brighten their day and everyone's reaction is always the same! TheraBox Rocks!!!!!!"
  • Megan Victoria Arms
    “ LOVE everything about TheraBox I've been getting them for a couple months and I'm so glad that I did. They send you so many awesome relaxing products and the activity that they send in each box is always useful and fun to do. I would highly recommend this box to anyone and I can't wait to get my next one!"
  • Adeana Wilson
    “ I got my box and am VERY PLEASED! There were so many items inside & I didn't even realize 2 of them because it was packed so well. Way to go Therabox! Great treat for self"
  • Matthew Nguyen
    “ Therabox always seems to arrive at the perfect time--when my girlfriend is upset with me. Love it!"
  • Kimber Dunn
    “ This box is just the therapy I need every month. The variety of self-care items is perfect. Mental care like journaling, environmental care like essential oils & candles, body care like face masks, lotions, lip gloss, fun items like mugs & pens - so much more!! The best thing is that you can purchase individual items after the box has sold out. I missed out on a necklace but found it on the shop. Refilled my journals. Grabbed another mask. The facebook group is really great too. A lot of new friends & great support. I had a problem with 1 box and customer service went way above & beyond what I expected. This box is completely awesome for many reasons and definitely encourages self love!! I encourage you to get the box!!"
  • Jenna Buan
    “I love this box so much. The products are great. I have received 5 boxes so far, I believe, and I plan to continue indefinitely. I deserve it. Quality products. Well thought out “tools” and books. I’m a 43 year-old highly type A single woman. I need this."
  • Cynthia Millsap
    “Second box, and I still love it! I truly love how this subscription blends physical self-care, and mental self-care. I never treat myself to beauty products, like face masks, sugar scrubs, or even aroma therapy like candles. I love that this box includes a little something to pamper myself, along with a thought provoking activity to promote positive thinking. The activities are the possibly the best part of the box. So far I have been able to find a little extra joy each day thanks to the directions in these boxes. Looking forward to more in the future."
  • Laura Underwood
    “ August is my first month and so far I love it!! As a fellow therapist, I truly appreciate the thought that goes into each product to improve self-care and wellness! It's such a unique experience!!"
  • Wendy Spatz
    “ I just received my first Therabox which is the Self Love Box and I LOVE IT! I was thrilled with the products and feel like I got so much for my money. My favorite item is the Self Love Crystal Rose Soy Candle which is chemical free and smells amazing. Rose is my favorite scent so this was perfect for me. I also really love the French Neroli Rose Body Oil, it smells heavenly. Also included is a travel mug, foot mask (can't wait to try), Lip Gloss, Lip scrub and a organic perfume. I was super excited to see a organic chemical free perfume and this one smells like Peppermint. I do not care for it as a perfume and will use it as a room spray or spray it on bed sheets. I am even more excited than before after seeing the first box. I highly recommend TheraBox. I get a lot of subscription boxes every month and this is now one of my favorites."
  • Taylor Villanueva
    “ I love the idea and the products! There are several subscription boxes out there, but this is the only one I've genuinely enjoyed so far. Every item in the box is aimed at making you feel happy or be the best version of yourself, and that's so important. I'm looking forward to getting my next box!!"
  • Melodie Poindexter
    “ I am always looking forward to the arrival of my Therabox. It's like Christmas every month! I have gotten two boxes so far and have found all the items useful and relaxing. Each item that is sent has a specific purpose and intention. I especially love the candle that came in the September box, it is very therapeutic and energizing. I will continue to look forward to my box each month."
  • Kristyn Caasi Medriano
    “ I started Therabox the beginning of this year and have already received 2 of the boxes. This is actually a subscription box that I use almost everything in it within the first month. This box is all about bringing happiness to you and allows you to use these items to remember that you matter and giving time to yourself is important. The variety of items you get are perfect. Some of my favorite items that I've gotten so far are the body scrub, masks, essential oils and candles. Each box includes a complete list of all the products received and where you can buy them."
  • Michelle Thornton DeNatelle
    “ 1st box, November, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this box! Such a wonderful blend of therapy items! Everything is useful, which doesn't always happen with subscription boxes. You often gift some but I am keeping everything LOL!"
  • Melissa Tran Street
    “ A few months ago, my friend was feeling a little down as she was struggling with some negative things happening in her life, one after the other. And I wanted to find a way to cheer her up! So I came across Therabox, researched what the company stood for and I loved that theres an option to send one as a gift. So i did and the joy it brought to her was PRICELESS. It truly lifted her spirits. The positive notes in the Happy Pills, the lovely incense, Happy tea, a relaxing hydro mask and more that I can't think of at the moment. It made me happy to see her happy. Then I "surprise" ordered one for my sister and same thing, she LOVED it! She hung up the "stay humble, work hard, be kind" sign in her office so she can see it first thing each day as she starts work. Her and her husband was able to enjoy some of the items together which calls for more bonding time! I love that each box is focused to line up together so it makes the intention clear and it's different every month. Which makes it really exciting to see what next month's box will be filled with! Thank you Therabox for creating this!"
  • Sydney Marshall
    “ April is my first box and I absolutely love the contents and cannot wait for this every month! Great selection of products for self-care! This is definitely worth the monthly price."
  • Nicole Marie
    “ Like most people, the second I order something I cannot wait for it to arrive on my doorstep! I spent a few weeks researching subscription boxes because I wanted something to look forward to in the mail each month. I was looking for a box that would come with products I would actually use most, if not all, of. Although I have only received one box so far, TheraBox has been the perfect subscription box! It has a great variety of quality products and it didn’t break the bank upon ordering my 3 month subscription. They offer a great selection of membership options and cool incentives, like referring 3 friends who sign up for a free box and weekly Facebook giveaways. Each month has a different theme, which makes each box unique. I was excited to see that there is also a gift option. I was able to send one to my cousin (hassle-free) in another state and watch her open it via FaceTime. She absolutely loved it! The February self-love box served as an awesome pick-me-up for each of us. The name truly speaks for itself; It is like receiving a box of therapy with ingredients to happiness. I totally recommend this subscription box!"
  • Justine Froelker
    “ I loved my first box! All the items were quality and I seriously have used them all! Can't wait for my March box!"
  • Madison Storie Book
    “ I'm so glad I started to receive this box!! It challenges me to take time for myself each month. Thanks for creating it!"
  • Stephanie Athanas
    “ My first box ever was their very first box ever! So glad that I signed up for this monthly. Very unique items and helps you be thoughtful throughout the month about your level of commitment to your own much needed self-care. Some of the items I would have never thought to put in myself, which is refreshing!"
  • Laura Craver
    “I was previously subscribed to a subscription box for women. I loved receiving it each month, but I found that I didn't really use many of the products. I love this box because each thing I receive is unique and uplifting. My favorite part is the happiness exercise included in each box."
  • Miranda Cross
    “Just got my first Therabox today and I’m already in love. The items inside are worth so much more than the cost of the box and they’re all great things I never would have thought to buy myself. My favorite are the bath salts which smell AMAZING. I love that all the items are geared towards self care and self love. As a mom it’s so easy to give ourselves without putting anything back in our tanks. This is something that is just for me! The notebook and tote bag were both super cute and well made too. Highly recommend this for anyone who needs to invest in themselves as much as they do others."
  • Maggie Dumas
    “This is a great box! I can’t rave enough. I received my first box today & was thrilled with EVERYTHING! I’m torn between the “Little Book of Self Love”, Delia Organics’ eye cream, or the Your Tea Creatures of the Night gift box as my favorite in this box! Perfect box for some TLC."
  • Annie Horsky McDonnell
    “3rd box arrived and I’m still so thrilled with this subscription service. I highly recommend this to anyone that loves to care for themselves in a real inner way or looking for a way to learn where to start. THERABOX delivers a great map every month."
  • Ashley Nichole Lotich
    “ Best subscription box I've ever invested in. It's the first box I can honestly say I love and use everything in it. Just received my second box and loved it even more than the first. I struggle with anxiety, stress and depression. Therabox has fun and useful tools to help me relax and rememind me that you can't pour out of an empty cup - take care of yourself! Candles, essential oils, meditation CD, lip scrub and balm, seeds to plant and mindful journaling are just a few of the types of things I've received. I absolutely would recommend this to anyone who wants to pamper or heal themselves. Thank you Therabox!"
  • Lindsey Nichole Makitalo
    “I was BEYOND THRILLED to receive my TheraBox this afternoon!!! It was so much fun opening this to find all of my happiness goodies, themed "intention" this month!"
  • Robyn Carey
    “ As a Counselor-to-be in graduate school, we are ethically bound to take care of ourselves in order to best take care of our clients, so this treat to myself is justified! I love all the goodies inside, all quality items! Plus, the emails, activities, and extras make it a bargain for the monthly fee. I treat my dogs to a monthly box without guilt, so this is my treat for me! I highly recommend!"

Relax and be inspired in every monthly box

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