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Ultimate Self Care Starter Pack


Product Description

SELF-CARE ASSESSMENT - Take this assessment to measure your self-care practices in the various aspects of your life. See which parts need a little more lovin’, as well as your areas of strength. Self-care is more than bubble baths, and pampering yourself (although we are big fans of it), It involves your physical + emotional health, spirituality, work, and relationships. It’s not limited to what’s listed in the assessment, but perhaps it can be a good start! If you think of more, feel free to write it down or create your own!

SELF-CARE WHEEL - After completing your self-care assessment and reflecting on the areas you’d like to work on, jot down specific practices you plan to engage in the areas outlined on the wheel. There’s something about writing plans down that makes them more real and creates more motivation and accountability. Make a few copies, and bring it to your office or stick it on your fridge as a daily reminder for self-care!

SELF-CARE FLOW SHEET - Now that you’ve gotten all your self-care activities down, how do you go about implementing them? Life gets busy and we forget what we need sometimes. This flow sheet is here to help you! At the end of the day (or whenever you feel the need), ask yourself what you need. Is it rest/relaxation? Companionship? Creativity? Inspiration? Spiritual connection? Whatever it is, jot down activities you’d enjoy doing in the boxes provided on the flow sheet that corresponds with the theme. That way, when it comes to engaging in self-care you can easily choose the activity that pertains to you on that given day.

SELF-CARE MONTHLY TRACKER - Accountability, accountability, accountability. Who’s going to do it for us besides ourselves? We’re here to help, but ultimately happiness and wellbeing is a consistent practice that only you can engage in. Track the self-care activities you engaged in for the day in this monthly tracker. If you plan to do this for the longterm, make copies of the sheet before you write on it or simply order more sets from the happy shoppe!

SELF-LOVE MEDITATION MANTRA - If you have a meditation practice in place, try ending your practice with the mantra script on the back of this postcard. If you don’t have a meditation practice in place, try this 10 min. loving kindness meditation:

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