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Products / "Slumber" Box ($200+ value) - Ships Immediately!

"Slumber" Box ($200+ value) - Ships Immediately!


4.444444444444445 5 reviews

Product Description

Over $200+ worth of amazing self-love goodies from our 'Slumber' box! Check out all the goodies inside:

Batch | Dream CBD Oil Tincture (1000 mg) | $74.99

Vitamasques | Multivitamin Sleeping Mask | $25

Essence | Self Care Bundle | $21.99

Professor Herb | Mint and Eucalyptus Night Cream | £18.99 ($25.87+ USD)

Grace & Stella | Hot + Cool Gel Bead Eye Mask | $18

Tub Tonics | Full Moon Bath Bomb Set | $9.99

Moment | Hibiscus Dragonfruit Botanical Water | $5

Habit Nest | The Sleep & Evening Routine Sidekick Journal | $28.90

For more information regarding this box -- check out our unboxing blog post here:

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4.444444444444445 5 reviews

Customer Reviews

Michaela E. - 05/12/2022

Amazing value

Love the products and packaging. So much value here.

Joan T. - 01/14/2022

Fun collection for relaxing downtime

Even though it’s strange that old boxes cost more, I decided it’s better than ending up with unwanted items, so I chose this interesting relaxing collection. I don’t have sleep issues, so am using the CBD oil as a winter moisturizer; just a few drops are all that is needed; this generous size will last into spring. The book, while high-priced at $34, is interesting & will be the one item I will pass on; I also recommend the very funny book, This Book Will Put You to Sleep. I haven’t used the bead eye mask much yet, and have not yet tried the drink; I usually avoid sugar substitutes: the erythritol can cause digestive upset and stevia imo tastes terrible, but guess one can can’t hurt. Meanwhile the cream mask, bath bombs & night cream are lovely. And I am a big fan of essential oils, though the wearable infusers are a bit silly. Easy enough to just sniff in oils or use a natural “Vicks.” More unnecessary packaging, but I will note the oil blends and mix my own. Thanks for a fun box!

Beth G. - 09/20/2021

This box is incredible!

I can’t get over the value in this box! The CBD tincture alone costs more. This box helped me to stop taking Zopiclone to sleep. Not sure if you know how amazing that is but I had been on it for a year and a half, so having this easy transition was a literal dream come true! 💖 THANK YOU!!!!

Doreen D. - 09/14/2021

Haven’t received my box yet!!!!!

And they are asking me to wait. It’s lost…just send me a new one! So far I’ve loved therabox and this has been a horrible experience this month

S D. - 09/10/2021

Sweet Dreams!

What a beautiful box filled with everything you need to help carry you off to “dreamland”. I am thrilled with every item and even though I had planned to share a few, I ended up keeping them all for myself! I’d strongly recommend this box to anyone who needs to relax and enjoy sweet dreams 😴

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