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Products / "4th Anniversary" Box ($181+ value) - Ships Immediately!

"4th Anniversary" Box ($181+ value) - Ships Immediately!


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Over $181+ worth of amazing self-love goodies from our '4th Anniversary' box! Check out all the goodies inside:

Cannalogica | Facial Hydration Oil | $58

Scentered | Wellbeing Ritual Aromatherapy Tin| $36

Minimo | Moxie | $21.95

Organic Batch Co | Zesty Morning Hand Sanitizer | $8

Aminnah | Birthday Cake Body Butter | $20

Clearly Balanced Days | 3 Pack Mani/Pedi Fizzies | $9.99

Ginger and Honey | Bubble + Honey Sugar Scrub | $17

In the Heart of the Light; Poetry of Awakening by Ashley Lord | $17.99

For more information regarding this box -- check out our unboxing blog post here:

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