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SpaRoom - Mini Forestation Reed Diffuser (Lavender)


Product Description

Dream about lavender fields and experience a freshness akin to a brisk morning sunrise. Sparoom’s Mini-Forestations Reed Diffuser rejuvenates and calms your senses with a lavender infused elegant ambiance – a scent that brings you to a beautiful calm and clean state and refreshes your space for a tranquil and dreamy mood after a long and tiring day. With a soft floral + minty herbal notes and a refreshing woody undertone, this eco-friendly Reed Diffuser definitely calls to mind a favorite spa escape! Each kit includes 1 piece of natural wood reed, wooden container and a 20ml Lavender solution containing 100% pure essential oil that can last for 30 days!
FUN FACT: The smell of lavender invokes feelings of relaxation and peace because it actually interacts with the nervous system and increases theta and alpha waves in the brain!

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