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Letting Go Seed Card Activity


Product Description

The new year is quickly approaching, and just like that another year has passed. With this comes another layer of memories, feelings, experiences, and stories. The good, the bad, the ugly and beautiful - you’ve experienced it all by now and these experiences add on each year. We invite you to take a moment of reflection through these stories & experiences. What can you take with you, what can you let go of, and what can you alter for the new year ahead? Occasionally, we need to sift through excess remnants to discover what’s essential. By letting go of what no longer serves us, we open up space for new opportunities, memories, feelings, & experiences. The “Seeds of Letting Go” activity includes a plantable wildflower seed card for you to write down your reflections & a list of things you plan to let go of. Here’s a few ideas to to jumpstart your list: - Let go of stuff - what are some ways you can simplify? - Let go of busyness - are there activities you continue to engage in that no longer serve you or bring joy? - Let go of a negative belief - what’s a belief you can turn from a negative to a neutral/positive? - Let go of a negative story - what’s a story about your past you continue to tell yourself that may be hindering your growth?- Let go of a habit - what’s a habit you can kick? It is our hope that this reflection & activity can take some weight off you so you can flow into the new year with more peace, ease, and lightness.

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