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30 Day Love Journal


Product Description

Happy relationships/friendships = happier you! Whether you have already thriving relationships, would like to improve any existing relationships, or simply want to show some appreciation for the loved ones in your life; this happiness boosting activity is guaranteed to make both you and the recipient smile! A perfect way to spread the love, and make a wonderful holiday gift. INCLUDES: 1x Kraft Journal 1x Lavender Rose 1x Photo border sticker 1x Instruction page For the next 30 days, secretly track the ways you love/appreciate about your beloved in the pages of the journal. This is a wonderful secret gift and exercise that will foster more love and joy in your relationships. In this digital age, handmade gifts have become a luxury. With the conveniences of emails and texts, handmade creations are incredibly heartwarming gifts for both the receiver and creator. A truly thoughtful gift for your loved ones deserving of some thanks & recognition. We bet you’ll be smiling and filled with warm, fuzzy feelings as you recall the wonderful qualities of this special person. The anticipation of giving them this gift might just make you mentally squeal with excitement as your DIY project approaches it’s completion! Flexible Guidelines (it’s a DIY!) - Secretly observe the person you wish to give this gift to for the next 30 days (child, spouse, friend, family, anyone you wish) - Each day for the next 30 days, write down one thing you love, thank. or appreciate them for. - Decorate the pages as you would a scrapbook! Go wild! Fill it with pictures, memories, and anything to show them how much you love them! You have 56 pages of creativity to execute! - Upon completion of your incredibly special gift, give it to your loved one and tag us on instagram/facebook with your creation! We’d love to hear all about your experience :)

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