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California White Sage & Abalone Shell Smudge Kit


Product Description

For those new to the world of sage, a quick google search can teach you the long standing history behind sage and how to get the most out of this ancient ritual. "Smudging", aka burning sage, helps clear negative energy from our lives. The strong scent of sage is thought to purge negative energy from both the physical and emotional space of our lives along with the dissipating smoke. The act of burning sage can mark a new beginning or resolution. Furthermore, studies have shown that sage releases negative ions when burned and concentrated amounts of negative ions correlates with lower rates of depression and purification of the air. While it is still unclear how much negative ions are released through smudging you can be sure that the negative ions and positive vibes will float in the air! Comes with 1x California White Sage and 1x Red Abalone Shell

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