Therapeutic happiness exercises


Stress-reducing products for self care


Curated by therapists & inspired by research

What's Inside

Our boxes change monthly, but you can be sure that each box includes:‚Äč

-- 1 activity inspired by research to help rewire your brain for more joy and peace! Think: inspirational thought-provoking activities, intention setting, journaling, projects, challenges, brain-training exercises, mindfulness activities, life hacking strategies, and any/all therapeutic mediums- you name it! Happiness is a practice so our exercises and activities are meant to be practiced consistently!

-- An additional 5-7 unique wellness goodies to promote relaxation, reduce stress, and provide you some much needed self-care! *Pst... we only select the finest ingredients including organic, natural, artisan, and holistic products

Each box aims to inspire more happiness, discovery, and inspiration.

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Self Love = Self Care

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